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want to believe
The Atlanta crowd during David Ross's home run has me convinced the Wild Card Showdown was a great idea.

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I want to burn everything to the ground. Starting with Sam Holbrook. Fuck that guy.

That being said... the whole game was ELECTRIC. My arm still hurts from doing the chop and I'm hoarse from shouting. But oh my God, I have never seen a large, angry, drunk mob in person before. I did not throw anything on the field, cause I'm not an asshole, but holy shit if I thought I could've hit Sam Holbrook, I might've tried. :-p

And THAT being said... the infield fly call didn't cost us the game. It cost us the POTENTIAL of making the game closer (or even taking the lead), but it didn't cost us the game. We had already fucked up enough on defense to assure that. I had a nightmare last week that Chipper had an error that cost us the game, and holy fuck it (kinda) happened.

And now, about 26 hours later, I am still so, so very angry. As evidenced by how many times I dropped the f-bomb. :-p I'm done with baseball for this year.

I can relate completely from some of my worse Chicago experiences. I actually started my picks entry over on my .com blog by saying it was really disappointing seeing Chipper's career end that way :(. I can only imagine what it feels like for someone who's a huge fan and not just an appreciative observer.

Yeah. The one game playoff is just maddening. The NFL has alleviated some of the stress of elimination games by providing the ability to challenge. In baseball, it's always been looked at as, a bad call by an ump will just dissolve into the background over the course of a series. Well... in a one game elimination, the umps can seriously fuck up.

And, again, I want to reiterate, logically, I know that call wasn't what killed us. It was just the final straw, and it resulted in a shit ton of beer (and mustard) bottles on the field. On the drive home, we watched some of the national broadcast to see how they handled it. And the comments of "this is embarrassing for Atlanta fans," are just bullshit. I defy them to find any city where that wouldn't have happened. If this was Philly, THE CITY WOULD BURN. If that Seattle/Green Bay game had been in Lambeau, THE FANS WOULD HAVE STARTED THROWING SHIT TOO. It was already an iffy environment after the interference call earlier. At the field, we had no way of knowing what exactly happened, and MLB doesn't allow replays, so we couldn't see it. Looking at it on the broadcast, yeah, clearly Simmons was outside the base path, and they made the correct call. We just had no indication of that in the stands. So then when a SECOND call was perceived to be blown... yeah. Well, you saw.

Bah. I'm ranting. I'm just angry, and disappointed, and frustrated. Chipper didn't deserve to go out like that. No team deserves to be fucked over by the umps. Maybe St Louis fans are angry about the time out call, and then Ross hitting the home run. I dunno. I think they're just happy they got out of Atlanta alive.

Yeah, it always drives me crazy when they single out particular fanbases like that. Especially when it's a pretty damn good fanbase by any standard.

A WILD COUNTERPOINT APPEARED. Kansas City. What they did was COMPLETELY inexcusable, and I'd like to think only Philly would stoop that low.

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